Our Producers

Founded in 1990, Bioagros is one of the largest organic food companies in Greece, offering a variety of natural foods that promote good health. Being around for 30 years has allowed the company to grow in expertise for organic production sales. Bioagros works hard to make sure they are providing the best foods that offer great nutritional benefits and are rich in vital vitamins for their consumers.

Their privately owned headquarters are located in Kria Vrisi, Pella, in an area of 4,000 sqm. They also have a 2,000 sqm branch in the center of Athens and an office in Sindos, Thessaloniki.


Caring for the planet

Producing natural foods also helps us build towards a more sustainable planet. This company works towards implementing energy-saving programmes to help reduce waste and our overall carbon footprint. This is done by:

  1. Effective reduction of our carbon footprint by using photovoltaic systems, replacing electricity power to solar power every year with 90%.
    2. Rational management of our distribution system.
    3. Increase in recyclable materials and packaging.
    4. Recycling more than 40 tons of packaging materials per year.
    With love for human and respect for the environment!



Bioagros’ Philosophy and Environment

We face a human and civilized society that constantly ensures the sustainability of the planet’s prosperity.
• We highlight the richness of Greek land.
• We respect the consumer and try to constantly monitor and improve our food quality assurance systems.
• We constantly inform consumers through articles, speeches, and presentations. We want to raise awareness for the relationship between the citizen, society and the environment, for them to get to know our products.
On our factory roof we have a solar par which produces 240.000 kHz annually, corresponding to 170 tons less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Bioagros’ goals:
• Protecting the environment
• Minimising the use of disposable cartons
• Recycling all the paper, plastic and glass we use.